What is the Hinderer XM 18 Knife?

Hinderer XM 18

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The Hinderer XM 18 series is well known as one of the toughest tactical knives all around the world. The XM 18 features a flat ground Spanto blade which is considered the best blade for maximum cutting potential. The XM-18 also has a very sharp and durable tip for the prying jobs you might encounter. The Hinderer XM-18 blade has a thickness of 3.5″ and is a full .165″ which means it retains its thickness all the way out to the tip.

All XM folding knives feature a handle shape designed to be very ergonomic and comfortable. In all varieties of user positions. Since not all hands are the same, the handle is a great fit for all hands. For the lock – it is a precision CNC made from 6AL4V titanium and is known for their Hinderer Lockbar Stabilizer. You can set up the Hinderer XM-18 for either tip down or tip up carry. The carbon fiber handles can also be changed if you want another color at some point in time.

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