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Hinderer XM-45 FolderThe Hinderer XM-24 is a rather large knife. It sports a 4″ blade length and an overall length of just over 9 inches. The total weight is 7.8 ounces. This works just fine for carrying on the weekends, but most people most times carry something smaller during the week. Still… the XM-24 is an awesome and robust knife.


Exceptional materials are used in the manufacturing of the Hinderer XM-24. It features a titanium frame lock made of 6AL4V titanium and it features a textured G10 scale.

All Hinderer folder knives feature the Hinderer designed lock bar stabilizer. This creative innovation is designed to prevent accidental over-travel of the lock bar during closing of the knife.

The Hinderer XM-24 uses S35V steel, considered “super steel” in the knife world.

The Rick Hinderer XM-24 is a large 4 inch blade and a solid pocket knife. The XM-24  is definitely made to be used every day for all sorts of tasks. It is truly a top quality working knife. The XM-24’s finish is pretty well as perfect as knives come, the grip responds wherever you might need it and is smartly curved where needed.

The Hinderer XM-24 feels simply amazing in your hand. A safety feature worth considering is that when you open the flipper it will keep your hands away from the edge. You pretty well never have to worry about slipping and ending up on the blade.



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Last Updated on November 23, 2022