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What is the Maximus Folding Knife From Hinderer?


This Hinderer Maximus, crafted by Rick Hinderer and created by his Hinderer Knives, sports a 3.5 inch double-edged spearhead constructed out of CPM 20CV stainless steel that is .165 inch thick and has a Battle Black DLC coating. It has two flippers, allowing for ambidextrous one-handed opening and closing. The symmetrically designed Black Battle DLC titanium handle is 4.625 inches when closed and fully encases the blade. It also features a strong Hinderer pivot, carbon fiber panels for extra grip, blacked-out hardware, a dependable frame lock, an open-frame construction for easy cleaning, and a reversible pocket clip positioned at the butt end. When open, the Hinderer Maximus Knife has an overall length of 8.125 inches and weighs 4 ounces. It is proudly made in the USA.

The Hinderer Maximus Blade: It has a bayonet double edge; the dagger profile gives you almost double the cutting surface. This makes you look cooler because double-edged daggers are awesome. You should be careful when handling it because both sides are sharp. When you close it, remember to use the tab instead of the spine of the blade.

The Hinderer Maximus Frame: The frame is made from titanium with a black DLC finish and G10 black textured scales. All the hardware on these is also black DLC to match.


Hinderer Maximus Review

The Hinderer Maximus is a refined folding dagger that’s part of Rick Hinderer’s lineup, known for its high-end knives and EDC gear. It has a double-edged blade made from CPM 20CV stainless steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to wear and corrosion. The knife is designed with a symmetrical design that fully encapsulates the blade within the frame, ensuring safety and a sleek look when closed.

The knife features a flipper opener that is smooth to operate, requiring only a slight flick of the wrist to open. However, due to its double-edged design, caution is needed when closing the knife to avoid accidental cuts. The Maximus also boasts a comfortable and secure grip, with a handle that is slightly narrower than other Hinderer knives, but still feels good in hand. The handle is made from titanium with black G-10 scales, providing a balance between durability and lightweight handling.

The Hinderer Maximus Dagger Framelock is not only a functional tool but also a piece of art, reflecting Rick Hinderer’s journey from making art knives in a humble setting to designing hard-use tactical folders based on his experience as a first responder. The knife’s design is a testament to this journey, combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality.

The knife comes in various variations, offering options in handle colors and finishes, allowing enthusiasts to choose according to their preferences. The price range varies depending on the specific model and materials used, with options available for different budgets.

For those interested in adding a high-quality, well-designed knife to their collection, the Hinderer Maximus could be a great choice. Its blend of art and tactical design, along with its high-quality materials and construction, make it a standout option for knife enthusiasts​.


The Hinderer Maximus with Tri-way is the newest version in the Hinderer Maximus dagger collection. Rick Hinderer Knives has taken the prior Maximus style and inserted the Hinderer Knives Tri-way pivot system, providing the user with the option of using either ball bearings, Phosphor Bronze, or Nylon Washers, offering the user the ability to pick the most suitable material for their particular use. Moreover, these knives are now only offered with a false edge “bayonet” grind, enhancing the EDC utility of the knife while preserving its sleek, bad ass dagger look. The knife is made from .090 thick Titanium liners with handle overlays. Moreover, the integral guards also serve as the “flipper”, as well as providing added safety against putting your finger on the blade. The tip up pocket clip on the handle allows it to be carried easily by left and right handed users.

Hinderer Maximus for Sale

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The Maximus is so lightweight you will barely notice it in your pocket, while still being equipped to do all your EDC tasks!



Last Updated on February 6, 2024