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What is the Wingman Folder from HEAdesigns?

HEAdesigns’ Wingman flipper stands out from all other knives due to its unique and futuristic design.



About the HEAdesigns Wingman Folder

The Wingman Folder from HEAdesigns appears to be a limited edition folding knife. The knife is a Wharncliffe flip folder made from 6Al4V aircraft grade titanium and S35vn stainless steel, and it underwent a two-year development process with over fifty refinements made during that time. The Wingman flipper knife is unique and unlike any knife seen before, as described in a YouTube video overview of the product. Additionally, the limited edition Wingman is designed with an antique copper finish and is engraved with numbers from 1-100.

The knife is both functional and intricately detailed, making it not only visually appealing but also practical for everyday use. The Wingman folder has a smooth action and is of the perfect pocket size for easy carrying.

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HEAdesigns Wingman is a line of high-end knives produced by HEAdesigns, a company that specializes in creating custom and limited edition knives and other tools. The Wingman is a flipper frame lock knife that comes in various colors and finishes, including green titanium, bronze titanium, and gold titanium.

Overall, HEAdesigns Wingman is a line of high-end knives designed for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate unique and high-quality craftsmanship. The company offers a range of custom knives at different price points and occasionally releases limited edition versions of the Wingman knife.

HEAdesign Wingman Reviews

The HEAdesigns Wingman is a pocketknife that is designed to push the limits on style and design while still being a practical tool. Reviews of the Wingman have generally been positive, with many reviewers praising its weight, balance, and size. The design of the Wingman has been described as peculiar and futuristic, which is in line with today’s everyday carry culture and an eye to the future.

Despite its unique design, the Wingman is still meant to be used as a tool, and its Wharncliffe blade and S35VN edge have been noted for their excellent utility cutting ability. Reviewers have also noted that the Wingman has a good weight and balance, making it comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The HEAdesigns Wingman appears to be a well-designed and functional pocketknife that combines modern aesthetics with practical utility.

Reviews suggest that it would be a good choice for collectors who appreciate its signature style as well as those who need a reliable tool for everyday use.


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Last Updated on March 25, 2023