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Grimsmo Knives

About Grimsmo Knives

About Grimsmo Knives

The Norseman, The Rask, and The Saga Pen are all created and manufactured in the Grimsmo Knives facility located in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

Grimsmo Knives is an enterprise in Canada devoted to creating top-notch cutters and equipment. John Grimsmo began the company in his carport more than ten years ago, determined to explore the craft of knife manufacturing and chronicle his transformation into a self-taught CNC machinist on YouTube.

John’s YouTube videos extend from knife production, how-to guides, shop vlogs, making programs, and more. John’s knife-making venture has increased with 72.3 thousand YouTube supporters, along with a bigger staff and a more extensive variety of products.

Grimsmo Knives is committed to crafting top notch customized pocket knives, utilizing only the finest materials. Siblings John and Erik are passionate about their work and enjoy every moment of it! Their skill and proficiency as CNC machinists is unrivalled.

History: In 2008, John Grimsmo began to teach himself how to become a CNC machinist, starting in his own garage. With much support from his spouse Meg, he dedicated an entire day each week to fashioning blades and sharing the experience on YouTube, which he named “Knife Making Tuesday”. Not long after, his brother Erik joined him. Now, their Canadian business has expanded to include 11 personnel and continues to experience growth. John hopes to be a source of motivation for anyone wishing to enter the manufacturing industry.

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