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What is the Grimsmo Knives SAGA Pen Titanium Bolt?

Grimsmo Knives SAGA Pen Titanium BoltCustom titanium Saga pen, 17-4 stainless mechanism with ceramic ball bearings. Custom made Richlite case with acrylic top all machined in our shop with an extra ink insert included. Each pen now comes with one Grimsmo Pocket Book. The Saga Pen has a raw tumbled body and tip and a raw slider with helix pattern.

Users just love the unique pen mechanism. And also that it is a bit thinner and shorter than some other popular custom pens makes it my absolute favourite pen to carry in my front pocket. Especially folks who likes fidgeting! They all appreciate it can be clicked and un-clicked. Another cool feature is that the slider itself can be silently rotated especially with the tip is extended. Users report that they are happy with their Saga addiction!

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The machining of the Saga Pen Titanium Bolt is very high quality, the mechanism is really unique and fun. It truly makes a nice pocket pen at the size. In addition, the clip is very very well made. The Saga Pen is very attractive. It is simple: if you love the look of the pen, and it would be your main daily pen then I say go for it.

  • “The undeniably nice thing about them, though, is they absolutely hold their value. If you’re on the fence, take the plunge and buy one. If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll pretty much always get your money back.”
  • “The quality is top notch. The mechanism is the stand out feature, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s insanely satisfying and feels magnetic once it breaks in”




Grimsmo Knives SAGA Pen Titanium Bolt


Last Updated on November 22, 2022