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What is the NEW Atelier knife from GiantMouse Knives?

The GiantMouse Atelier features a Satin-finished Elmax steel blade, which is 2.875 inches long and 0.127 inches thick. The handle is 4 inches long, and the knife has an overall length of 6.81 inches.

A review on Knife News notes that the Atelier is a liner lock knife and that the blade is smaller than on the Grand and GM5 knives, measuring 2.875 inches in length. The blade features a harpoonized clip and forward jimping in the center of its spine. The GiantMouse Atelier is available in both Titanium and Green Canvas Micarta scales.

Another review on Blade HQ highlights that the Atelier’s blade is made from premium Elmax steel, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. The knife’s finer grain structure adds additional toughness. The handle is comfortable and provides a secure grip, and the knife is built to a high standard of quality.

Overall, while there are only a few reviews available for the GiantMouse Atelier knife, they suggest that it is a well-built knife with a high-quality blade and comfortable handle.


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GiantMouse Atelier Reviews

The GiantMouse Atelier is a noteworthy addition to the GiantMouse ACE lineup, following in the footsteps of the Grand and GM5 models. It’s a more compact version of these predecessors, carrying forward the design ethos with its broad harpoon blade and roomy handle, despite its smaller size. The Atelier features a 2.875-inch blade, down from the Grand’s 3.31 inches, with Elmax steel providing excellent edge retention and rust resistance. The knife is available in both titanium and green canvas Micarta versions, each with its own unique texture and feel. The Atelier maintains a liner lock mechanism in both versions and is designed to offer a comfortable grip and efficient use in a smaller package. Weighing 3.3 oz. in Micarta and 4.2 oz. in Titanium, the Atelier is positioned as a versatile everyday carry knife that doesn’t compromise on quality or design​​​​.

The ACE Atelier is a knife created in a workshop by skilled artists and designers who put in their best efforts to make it a masterpiece. The knife is unique because it is a smaller version of the ACE Grand, which is a popular knife among collectors of GiantMouse knives.

The GiantMouse Atelier was named after the “Grand Hotel” in Nuremberg, Germany, which is the favourite hotel of the GiantMouse team. Similarly, the ACE Atelier takes inspiration from the team’s favourite bar in Nuremberg – the “Atelier Bar” which is located inside the Grand Hotel.

The GiantMouse Atelier is made with the same level of attention to detail and high-quality materials as all other knives, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence. This exceptional knife is sure to become a favourite of knife enthusiasts and collectors due to its stylish design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Last Updated on February 8, 2024