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What is the Thresher Folder from Gavko Knives?

Gavko Thresher-gavko knives

The Thresher knife from Gavko Knives is inspired by the shark of the same name, who utilizes its tail to shock and devour its prey. It is composed of a titanium frame lock and a 3.6-inch S35VN stainless steel blade with a Bowie-style clip-point form that resembles the shark’s tail.

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Gavko Knives

Michal Gavac, the proprietor and executive of Gavko Knives, is a youthful custom knifemaker from Slovakia. He is no longer a novice in the field – he has a well-known and large fan base. He began his journey in knives as a collector, just like the rest of us, and gradually began crafting his own designs and customizing mass-produced knives. Nowadays, he creates his own designs with his own hands, predominantly frame locks, which are dissimilar to the rest but perfectly constructed for everyday carry.

Gavko Knives produces some of the most sought-after blades available today. His products are highly prized and for good reason; they are manufactured with a great deal of strength and care, with each knife having its own distinct characteristics. The models are varied, yet all share the same high-quality materials, design, ergonomic fit, and finish. These knives are made to be used in everyday life, and will stand up to the rigours of time.

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Last Updated on January 3, 2023