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Free Knives, Tactical and Survival Gear

These companies offer free knives and other survival and tactical gear as a promotion. You just pay the shipping.

What’s the catch you ask? As these are promotional offers, they will attempt to up-sell you. It appears not to be a hard pitch, and you can opt out of any further email offers. We think these products are worth the $11-14 shipping. We checked the reviews, and the products appears to be very usable. Verdict: For the price – WHY NOT.




FREE SURVIVAL WIRE SAWCLICK to see a detailed description.

Lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable – this pocket sized military grade Survival Wire Saw has been trusted by the United States military for over 30 years!

Precision crafted, stainless steel powerful enough to cut through bone, wood, rubber, plastic and soft metal. Yes it’s 100% FREE and ready to be rush shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee…but only while supplies last so grab yours now!