Free Knives

This company offers free knives as a promotion – you just pay the shipping.
What’s the catch you ask? They will capture your email and send offers. However, as with all promotional emails, you can opt out any time. They appear to be a legit outdoor equipment club. We think these knives are worth the shipping and the effort to consider/opt-out of any up-sell offers.


Survival Knife, Rescue Survival Knife

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Known as the sharpest, most durable, and fastest drawing survival knife in the world, the 6-in-1 Tactical Survival Knife isn’t just a stone aged cutting instrument. Nearly indestructible and completely blood & waterproof this is the go-to survival knife for every situation! Yes it’s 100% FREE and ready to be shipped to your address! Just pay the small shipping fee, only while supplies last so grab yours now! This knife can be found in other stores for around $45-55 USD.



Tactical Knife Belt

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Lightweight, extra strong, and reliable – this is YOUR new, concealed multi-functional survival knife belt! The same military-grade survival technology trusted by U.S. Elite Special Forces! This multi-functional tool puts confidence in your possession, knowing you have the life saving reliability of a high quality multi-purpose survival instrument ready at a moment’s notice. You can get this precision crafted, fully concealed Knife Belt for FREE! Just pay a small fee for shipping…But only while supplies last! $50-55 USD retail value.