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What is the  FX-9CM02B Golok Hitam Machete From Fox Knives?

Fox Golok Hitam Machete FX-9CM02B

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The Golok Hitam Machete from Fox Knives is a contemporary take on a classic camp chopper. It features a wide edge like traditional choppers, but with a sharp point and blade guard that give it an extra edge during combat. The Golok Hitam Machete blade is constructed with N690 steel and has a gunmetal PVD coating for reduced glare and increased durability. The Forprene handles are ergonomic and have several grooves for a secure grip.

The FoxKnives GOLOK HITAM MACHETE has a very capable 14.2-inch combat-style blade crafted from N690Co stainless steel with a gunmetal coating. The ergonomic FRN handle offers a firm grip for handling the cutting device, and it comes with a multi-position olive green kyndex sheath.

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Fox Golok Hitam Machete FX-9CM02B For Sale

Last Updated on January 31, 2023