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What is the Ferox Flipper Knife from Ferrum Forge?

The Ferox Forge Ferox is a flipper knife that features a 4V steel blade with a two-tone brushed and stonewash finish.



About the Ferrum Forge Ferox Flipper

The Ferox by Ferrum Forge is a high-end custom knife with a two-tone blade, satin-finished flats, tumbled grinds, a notched thumbrest, and a flipper. The handle is made of bead-blasted and custom anodized titanium, with an anodized pivot, tip-up clip, and barrel spacers. It also features an internal over-travel arrestor in the stainless steel lockbar insert, which contributes to its solid lockup.

Ferrum Forge is known for their commitment to ethical business and manufacturing practices, and they are also highly regarded for their expert design skills. The company has been around for over 10 years, and they strive to create exceptional products that make the world a better place. In terms of the Ferox knife, it seems to be a popular option among knife enthusiasts due to its high-quality construction and attention to detail.


Ferrum Forge Ferox Reviews

There are a few reviews and feedback available for the Ferrum Forge Ferox knife.

One user who owns multiple Ferrum Forge knives, including the Mordax, Ferox, and Fortis models, gave their opinion that the older models have more “quality” than their newer models like the Archbishop, Masterblaster, and Spinner. They noted that the Archbishop, in particular, had problems with lockbar/pivot, but they are hopeful that the quality goes up with smaller runs.

Another reviewer described the Ferox knife as being in great condition and functioning flawlessly. The knife has a 4V steel blade with a two-tone brushed and stonewash finish, and full titanium handles with the stonewash finish and an engraved Ferrum Forge logo. The knife also includes a blue, titanium, right-hand tip-up pocket clip.

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While there are only a few reviews and feedback available specifically for the Ferrum Forge Ferox knife, the reviews suggest that the knife is well-crafted and performs well, although some users have reported issues with other Ferrum Forge models.


Overall, the Ferrum Forge Ferox knife is a well-crafted and expertly designed knife that is highly sought after by knife enthusiasts.



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Last Updated on April 7, 2023