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About the Archbishop flipper from Ferrum Forge

The Ferrum Forge Archbishop knife is a folding knife designed by the Ferrum Forge company, which is run by brothers Elliot and Chris.


What is the Ferrum Forge Archbishop?

Ferrum Forge are known for creating expertly designed and ethically sourced knives. There are different versions of the Ferrum Forge Archbishop knife available, including the Archbishop 2.0 and 3.0. They come in a variety of colours and handle designs, featuring titanium and Bohler M390 materials. The knife also has a 3D milled titanium pocket clip.

The Archbishop 3.0 is the latest version of the Classic Ferrum Forge Archbishop. This version features fully contoured titanium handle scales, which simplifies the construction of the knife. The entire knife is now held together with only two screws.

The Classic Ferrum Forge Archbishop has been updated to its latest version, the 3.0. The new version features titanium handle scales that are contoured for easier construction, requiring only two screws to hold the entire knife together. Additionally, the new handle design creates a smooth and contoured appearance by eliminating screw heads on the face scale. The Archbishop 3.0 is a high-quality full titanium framelock that includes a CPM 20CV blade, a hardened steel lockbar insert, a ceramic detent, caged bearings, and a custom Ferrum Forge pivot, all of which are characteristic of Ferrum Forge’s products.


Ferrum Forge Archbishop Reviews

The Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop is highly praised for its design, fit and finish, and value, particularly at its sale price point under $75. It’s commended for its high-end design, superior fit and finish, and competent materials, making it a standout choice in its price range. The review highlights its comfortable grip, excellent carry, and versatile deployment options, deeming it a top choice for those seeking quality and affordability​.


Ferrum Forge Archbishop For Sale

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Last Updated on February 8, 2024