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What is the LR80R Tactical Flashlight from Fenix?

Fenix has created the Fenix LR80R Rechargeable Flashlight, which is their most powerful model. This torch can emit an astonishing 18,000 lumens of light, which is able to reach 3,707 feet, over the length of 12 football fields. It is controlled by two different switches, with the Low-Output (L) mode offering a lower range of lumens, as well as strobe and SOS features.

The High-Output (H) mode of the Fenix LR80R only operates the maximum lumen output. The flashlight has a 45W USB Type-C charging port, enabling it to be completely recharged in a mere four hours. The handle can be dismounted to provide more lighting options and the Intelligent Downshifting Sensor will reduce the brightness when the head nears an object, so that accidents are prevented due to overheating. This flashlight is durable, dustproof, and also submersible up to 2 meters. The Fenix LR80R is an extremely sturdy and functional tool for illuminating the night.

The Fenix LR80R is an exceedingly luminous hand-held spotlight. With an awe-inspiring 18000 lumens and its built-in 7.2V/12000mAh Li-ion battery, it can project a beam that is observable from 1130 meters away. It has a dual switch system that allows for immediate access to its high and low brightness modes. There is a USB Type-C port which you can use to charge the Fenix LR80R in a few hours, or to load up other gadgets. To minimize heat emission when using the flashlight at close range, there is a user-friendly brightness downshifting sensor. It is equipped with a removable handle for easy carrying, or you can attach it to a tripod for outdoor photography. Battery level indicators will alert you when it needs to be recharged. This strong flashlight can also be used for search and rescue operations.

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Last Updated on January 9, 2023