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Who is Jesper Voxnaes? Jesper is One of the Most Respected Custom Knife Makers in the World.

About Jesper Voxnaes

Jesper Voxnaes is a well-known Danish custom knife maker who has been creating unique and innovative designs for over two decades. His work is highly respected in the knife-making community and has won numerous awards and accolades.

Voxnaes began his career as a blacksmith and metalworker, which gave him a strong foundation in the technical aspects of knife making. He later trained as a designer at the Danish Design School, where he honed his skills in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional designs.

One of the defining characteristics of Voxnaes’ work is his use of natural materials. He often incorporates wood, bone, and antler into his knife handles, which gives them a unique and rustic feel. He also experiments with different types of steel, such as Damascus steel, to create blades that are both strong and visually striking.

Voxnaes’ designs are often inspired by nature and the outdoors. Many of his knives are designed for hunting and camping, and feature ergonomic handles that are comfortable to grip for extended periods of time. He also creates tactical knives that are popular with law enforcement and military personnel.

In addition to his custom knife making, Voxnaes also collaborates with well-known knife manufacturers such as CRKT and Boker. These collaborations allow him to bring his designs to a wider audience, while still maintaining the high level of quality that is associated with his custom work.

Despite his success, Voxnaes remains humble and committed to his craft. He continues to experiment with new materials and techniques, and is always looking for ways to improve his designs. This dedication to his work has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most respected custom knife makers in the world.


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Last Updated on April 10, 2023