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What is the DEMKO AD20.5 Knife?

DEMKO AD20.5 Knife

The Demko AD20.5 most significant feature is the Shark-Lock™ mechanism. This clever solution sits on the spine of the knife and you operate it with a ramp like fin. The blade opens by making the spring driven lock arm move up, and subsequently into a clever notch in the tang – which is located underneath a pin that locks. What is even more noteworthy is that the Demko AD20.5 tests for a 875″ pounds of torque. Although the knife weighs only 3.5 oz, this torque is impressive to say the least.

The AD20.5 blade is 3″, the steel is AUS10A and the handle material is Grivory. All in all a very impressive and very suited for EDC and tactical tasks. You can buy the The Demko AD20.5 knife in two basic configurations – a clip point and a shark foot sheepsfoot.


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The design of the Demko AD20 5 is great. I appreciate the positioning of the handle so that my pointer and middle fingers fit inside the indentations, though I don’t personally flavor the two-finger groove. The thin handle makes it easy to control and comfortable to hold. The Shark Lock is strategically placed so that it’s out of the way if I am in a full grip or a sabre grip, but still easily accessible if I need to brace my thumb on it. Demko has also incorporated some good balance and weight loss features into the design, such as the oval area milled into the blade above the thumb stud. This addition has proven to be quite handy for me as I often rest my thumb on it for more grip and it’s also comfortable to use to open the blade independently.


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Demko Knives creates high performance, EDC/Tactical folding knives. Andrew Demko is a custom knife maker. Andrew’s AD20.5 knife is known for it’s unique style – and more importantly – heavy duty construction.


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