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What is the Kriegsmesser Sword from Cold Steel?

The Cold Steel Kriegsmesser features a blade made from high-quality carbon steel and is designed to be used with two hands, just like the original.


About the Cold Steel Kriegsmesser Sword

The Cold Steel Kriegsmesser is a modern interpretation of a historical weapon, the Kriegsmesser, which was a German two-handed sword used in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance periods.

The Cold Steel version of the Kriegsmesser features a blade made from high-quality carbon steel and is designed to be used with two hands, just like the original. It also has a modern twist with a synthetic handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip.

While the Cold Steel Kriegsmesser is designed for collectors and enthusiasts of historical weapons, it is not suitable for use in combat or for self-defense purposes. It is important to remember that historical weapons should be treated with respect and caution, as they can be dangerous if not handled properly.

The Cold Steel Kriegsmesser is a reproduction of the historical German Kriegsmesser, a single-edged sword primarily used in the late medieval period. The sword’s name translates to “war knife” in English, and it was known for its versatility and effectiveness in battle. Cold Steel is known for producing high-quality, functional reproductions of historical weapons and tools.

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Cold Steel Kriegsmesser Sword Reviews

Overall, the Cold Steel Kriegsmesser has received positive reviews from customers and enthusiasts of historical weapons. Many people appreciate the modern interpretation of the historical weapon, as well as the high-quality construction and materials.

Some users have commented on the sword’s balance, stating that it feels well-balanced and easy to handle, despite its size and weight. Others have praised its sharpness and cutting ability, as well as its durability and resilience.

Build quality: Cold Steel is known for their durable, well-made weapons. The Kriegsmesser is no exception, with a strong carbon steel blade, full tang construction, and a sturdy grip.

Historical accuracy: The design of the Cold Steel Kriegsmesser closely follows the historical design, making it a great choice for collectors and enthusiasts interested in historical European weaponry.

Sharpness: Cold Steel’s Kriegsmesser comes with a sharp edge, making it suitable for cutting tests and demonstrations.

Aesthetics: The sword has a unique and impressive look, with a curved blade and a distinct guard that adds to its overall appearance.

Cold Steel presents its latest version of the popular Grosse Messer called the Kriegsmesser or “War Knife”, which has a Nagel or nail for hand protection instead of a side ring. This knife has a sharp blade made of high carbon steel with a hard spring temper, an upswept point for cutting and slashing, and a fast and nimble movement due to the distal taper and three-quarter length fuller. The Kriegsmesser has a guard made of steel with long quillons for hand and forearm protection. It also has a traditional handle made of Rosewood grip scales and a steel pommel with a full tang, held together by four copper pins. The handle is long enough for one or two-handed use, with a curved trough in the handle scales that allows for a secure grip.


The Cold Steel Kriegsmesser appears to be a well-made and impressive modern interpretation of a historical weapon, and most users seem to be satisfied with their purchase.

Last Updated on March 23, 2023