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What is the Hatamoto Folding Knife from Cold Steel?

The Cold Steel Hatamoto folding knife is a pocket knife designed by the Cold Steel company, inspired by the traditional Japanese sword-making techniques.


The Cold Steel Hatamoto knife features a strong and durable blade made from high-quality Damascus steel, which is known for its toughness and resistance to corrosion.

The blade of the Cold Steel Hatamoto folding knife is 3.5 inches long and has a tanto-style point, which is ideal for piercing and slicing tasks. The blade is also designed with a unique hamon pattern, which is a result of the differential hardening process used in Japanese sword-making.

The handle of the Cold Steel Hatamoto folding knife is made from polished G-10 material, which is both lightweight and durable. The handle is designed with an ergonomic shape that provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or slippery conditions.

The Cold Steel Hatamoto folding knife also features a sturdy and reliable locking mechanism, which keeps the blade securely in place when it is open. The knife is easy to open with one hand using the thumb stud, and it comes with a pocket clip for convenient carry.

Overall, the Cold Steel Hatamoto folding knife is a high-quality, functional, and visually stunning pocket knife that combines the best of Japanese sword-making techniques with modern knife-making technology.

Cold Steel Hatamoto Reviews

The Cold Steel Hatamoto has been reviewed by users who appreciate its quality and ergonomics, but have some reservations about its value and certain design aspects. The knife is praised for its sharpness, making it one of the sharpest folding knives owned by some users. However, concerns have been raised about the lack of a hilt or flipper to prevent the hand from slipping forward, which could be an issue during stabbing motions, although it’s noted to be effective for slashing​​.

Another review highlights the knife’s intimidating appearance when open, its durability, and the smooth blade deployment. The sturdy lock mechanism ensures the blade remains securely open. The knife has a well-balanced feel in hand, largely attributed to the G-10 handle with titanium bolsters. Despite its higher price point, it’s considered worth the investment for those on the fence about purchasing it. The main drawback mentioned is the pocket clip, which can be challenging to attach to thicker materials due to the G-10 handle, but this also ensures a firm grip even in slippery conditions​​.

A detailed user review from a knife forum discusses the knife’s construction, including the visible layers of steel on the blade, which some find aesthetically pleasing. The G10 scales are appreciated for their texture and grip, even with sweaty hands. The review also mentions the liner lock as a favorite feature, despite a general preference for the Axis Lock. Some minor fit and finish issues are noted, such as inconsistent seams between the scales and liners, and a very slight lateral wobble in the blade. Despite these issues, the reviewer considers the Hatamoto a favorite, especially considering the price paid relative to the MSRP​​.Overall, the Cold Steel

Hatamoto is viewed favorably for its sharpness, build quality, and ergonomics, with some criticisms regarding value and specific design choices like the pocket clip and handle safety features.


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Last Updated on February 4, 2024