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What is the Peter Rassenti knife from CKF?

The CKF Peter Rassenti knife is a collaboration between Custom Knife Factory (CKF) and Canadian knifemaker Peter Rassenti. Rassenti is known for his expertise in creating integral frame lock flippers, and this design characteristic is a defining feature of his collaborations with CKF.

There are two models of the CKF Peter Rassenti knife: the SNAFU 2.0 and the SNAFU 3.0 . Both knives feature integral handles, meaning that the handle is one single piece of titanium, with the only hardware present being that for the pivot and clip. The knives are mid-tech models, meaning that they are partially handcrafted and partially machine made.

The CKF Peter Rassenti knives, are highly sought after by collectors and knife enthusiasts for their unique integral design and quality craftsmanship. The knives are mid-tech models with integral handles and are highly regarded for their unique design and quality craftsmanship.

CKF Peter Rassenti Knives Reviews

Based on feedback from many knife enthusiasts, the CKF Peter Rassenti knife collaboration has received positive reviews for its quality craftsmanship, unique design, and premium materials.

Many reviewers have praised the collaboration’s incorporation of integral handles, a defining feature of Rassenti’s knives, as well as the use of premium materials such as titanium. The sculpted titanium clip on the SNAFU 2.0 has also been noted as a highlight for many users.

The collaboration’s knives have also been praised for their smooth and responsive flipping action, as well as their comfortable ergonomics and sleek design.

Overall, the CKF Peter Rassenti knife collaboration is highly regarded among knife enthusiasts and collectors as a unique and high-quality collaboration that is both functional and visually striking. However, as with any high-end custom knife, the knives come at a high price point, which may be a consideration for some users.


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Last Updated on March 10, 2023