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What is the FIF23 from Custom Knife Factory?

CKF FIF23 For SaleCustom Knife Factory (CKF) shocked everyone with the unexpected launch of the CKFFIF23, which instantly became one of the most sought-after knives on the market. CKF collaborated with the respected French knifemaker Philippe Jourget to create a commercial version of his FIF23 design.

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CKF’s impeccable machining, fit, and finishing work made their CKF FIF23 a strong competition to the custom version, and in some aspects, even superior. This is one of the only blades of this size and stature that can be described as both fashionable and sophisticated.

The CKF FIF23 is a refreshingly different design compared to all the flipper knives dominating the market. This front flipper is an intricate and challenging mechanism to make, requiring the utmost precision and accuracy in the detent adjustment, flipper positioning and geometry, lock strength, pivot adjustments, and so on. We are pleased to report that Custom Knife Factory has managed to pull it off and the FIF23 is one of the best front flippers out there. Plus, the action is unbelievably smooth and swift – it has a glass-like action with such speed and fluidity that it beats most custom knives, even the Philippe Jourget FIF23!

The CKF FIF23 is an impressive knife at 9 inches in length, with a 4-inch blade. The handle has polished Zirconium bolsters and carbon fiber scales on both sides, which is some of the finest quality we have seen. The backspacer is Zirconium to match the bolsters, a material more often found in custom knives, and recently utilized by CKF in many of their new designs. It is hefty and provides a luxurious feel, yet it has a tendency to attract fingerprints, so it is wise to keep a CKF provided microfiber cloth close by.

The CKF FIF23 includes a full supply of additional hardware, even a titanium pocket clip. Additionally, you will get a zippered storage bag, a microfiber cloth, and a certificate of legitimacy.



Last Updated on January 2, 2023