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What is the CKF FIF20 by Custom Knife Factory?


The CKF FIF20 offers a unique design that diverges from the existing market, where flipper knives are commonplace. It requires an extremely precise construction to make a front flipper work properly, and all components must be tuned to the utmost accuracy. The detente adjustment, flipper positioning, lock strength, and pivot modifications all need to be perfect.

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Custom Knife Factory has managed to perfectly pull this off, and the CKF FIF20 is one of the best front flippers we’ve ever seen. Additionally, its action is unbelievably smooth and rapid. The FIF20 moves like glass with such speed and fluidity that it eclipses most custom knives, even the Philippe Jourget FIF20 itself!

The Custom Knife Factory (CKF) partnered with Philippe Jourget, a renowned French knifemaker, to create a production version of his FIF20 design. CKF’s superior machining, fitting, and finishing gave the CKF FIF20 the potential to be better than the custom version. It’s one of the finest pocket knives available, now at a more compact size than the FIF23, making it an ideal selection for everyday use.

The FIF20 is the successor to the FIF23 custom collaboration with Philippe Jourget. It is a remarkable folding knife with a design that makes it feel and perform like a full-size tactical knife. The handle is contoured with ergonomics in mind, giving the user a comfortable grip to use it with maximum pressure without any hot spots. Its shred carbon fibre scales, zirconium bolsters, and spacer make it look even more attractive.

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As for the blade, it has a wide, hand-rubbed satin drop point that adds to the neat look of the knife. It is a solid and sturdy knife, and once you get the hang of the front flipper mechanism, it works like a charm. You may even find yourself playing with this knife without anything to cut, a sign of being a true knife enthusiast.





Last Updated on January 2, 2023