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What is the EVO 3.0 Flipper by Custom Knife Factory?


The shape of the handle of the CKF Evo 3.0 follows the smoother look of the 2.0, without the finger grooves that were featured in the 1.0. However, there are some differences like a deeper cut on the side of the scale, which makes it simpler to release the frame lock.

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The Custom Knife Factory’s EVO 3.0 is a full-sized folding knife that opens easily and smoothly. It has a lot of blade, providing excellent action and balance. The knife looks clean and feels lighter than it actually is due to the well-crafted ergonomics. It is constructed from titanium and Bohler M390, making it a high-quality knife. With this knife as your everyday carry, you will not want to put it down.

Rotten Design’s iconic model, the CKF Evo 3.0, has been upgraded in its third collaboration with Custom Knife Factory. There are five different versions available, each one cooler than the previous one and still remaining true to the core of the original Evolution design. The drop point blade and handle design are the same as before, as are the dimensions, giving customers the opportunity to purchase a CKF Rotten Design Evo at a great price.

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Last Updated on January 2, 2023