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What is the Silax Fixed Blade Knife from CJRB?

The CJRB Silax is a fixed blade knife designed by Dylan Mallery and is available in different colours including black, green, and tan.


About the CJRB Silax

The CJRB Silax‘s blade is made of AR-RPM9 powder steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. The Wharncliffe blade shape of the Silax is designed for piercing and slicing tasks, while its thin blade stock and width make it suitable for food preparation as well.  The knife features a black G10 handle, which provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user. The Silax comes with a sheath for safe and easy carry.

CJRB’s Silax is the inaugural Fixed Blade in their range of knives. It boasts a 5″ blade that is specifically crafted for diverse tasks, with particular emphasis on kitchen-related work. The Silax sets a new standard for outdoor utility knives by serving as an ideal camp kitchen knife or a secondary knife option for individuals seeking a lightweight, longer blade. No information has been excluded in this paraphrased version.

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CJRB Silax Review

There are a few reviews of the CJRB Silax knife available. Two of the reviews and are from customers who have purchased and used the knife.

Overall, the reviews of the CJRB Silax seem positive. Both reviews mention that the knife is good for fruits and vegetables, as well as for making precision cuts. They also note that the knife is lighter and more nimble than a Santoku, and that the balance point is at the finger choil. However, one reviewer mentions that the handle on the Silax is uncomfortably small for them, while the other notes that the handle is long enough for them but thin, causing their fingers to wrap around it and into their palm.

It seems that the CJRB Silax is a decent knife for precision cutting of fruits and vegetables, as well as for slicing cheese. However, it may not be the best choice for those with very large or very small hands, depending on the specific dimensions of the handle.

The Silax knife features a blade made from AR-RPM9 steel, a proprietary material that combines edge retention, corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. The handle scales are crafted from G10, a contoured material that offers exceptional grip even in wet conditions. The knife comes with a low-profile Kydex sheath that is compatible with many clip setups. Inspired by culinary expertise, the CJRB Silax is versatile enough to be used on the trail or in the kitchen, and can make a great gift for fathers, mothers, and wives, or for personal use on adventures.

Last Updated on January 30, 2024