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What is the Inkosi Knives from Chris Reeve?

Chris Reeve Inkosi Knives

The Chris Reeve Incosi Knife is is constructed with the highest-quality materials, designed with excellent ergonomics, has an incredible Insingo blade shape, and crafted with impeccable precision. It is incredibly sturdy and performs incredibly well, and I highly suggest it to anyone considering its purchase. If the cost is a concern, do not be worried – it is totally worth it.

Inkosi Knives for sale

From the start, I was quite impressed with the ergonomics of the Incosi Knife. The smaller version was particularly striking, as I tend to hold smaller utility knives like this in different ways depending on the task. However, regardless of how I held it, it felt great. The larger version is even more comfortable, with enough material to allow a full grip and plenty of room to keep my fingers from feeling confined.

In 2016, Chris Reeve Knives released the Inkosi, a knife intended to replace the Sebenza 25. It contains elements of the Sebenza 25 and Umnumzaan. One of its features that I find particularly enjoyable is its ceramic ball bearing lock mechanism. This addition to the lock bar, also functioning as a detente, reduces the chances of the lock becoming stuck and also lowers the wear on the lock face.

Moreover, The Reeve Incosi Knife has a canted clip for better ergonomics than the Sebenza models. Furthermore, it has a floating pivot pin, allowing for easier reassembly and greater longevity when subjected to extensive use. Unfortunately, the Inkosi does not possess the bushing pivot like the previous Sebenza models. This feature allowed for a tighter pivot without compromising the smooth opening and closing of the knife, or requiring any adjustments. Even though the Inkosi does not include this, I still believe it is a high quality knife. Finally, the Inkosi is manufactured with 154CM steel.

Chris Reeve Inkosi knives for sale

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Last Updated on December 28, 2022