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What are Brian Tighe Knives?

Brian Tighe is well renowned as an industry innovator with over 40 years experience in knife making. A Brian Tighe knife will be a top-quality, custom made, tactical and dress tactical knife featuring original locks. His knives are award winning collectors knives and very few Brian Tighe knives are for sale in the aftermarket. The custom folding tactical knives combine styling with high tech materials. What is especially noteworthy is that each knife is unique.One of a kind. All Tighe knives are made with top quality Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Damasteel and other superior steels. The most famous custom knives by Brian are The Tighe Fighter and the Tighe Breaker series.

Brian Tighe Knives For Sale

Tighe Fighter | Tighe Breaker


Last Updated on September 20, 2022