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What is the Yeager-M Folder from Brian Brown Knives?

Brian Brown Yeager-M

Brian Brown is a renowned knifemaker and designer who started off 2021 with the much-talked-about Yeager-M production model. His custom knives are highly detailed, precise and crafted with passion and devotion, qualities that have been transferred to his production projects, giving the public the opportunity to appreciate his work and designs.

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Brian Brown’s Yeager-M is an excellent multitasking knife. It has a blocky Wharncliffe-style reverse tanto blade which could be called a cleaver, and the handle is almost perfectly square, surprisingly comfortable in the hand, and able to be maneuvered easily. The full-length titanium backspacer adds balance and heft to the design. The locking mechanism is Brian’s trademark, and the same one used by Peter Rassenti, which is quite sophisticated and elegant. The flipper version of this knife is likewise available.

The Brian Brown Yeager-M, which was originally produced as a fixed blade by Brian Brown Knives, soon became a custom folding knife and is now one of the most sought-after production knives of 2021.

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