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Boker Folding Knives for Sale

What are Boker Folding Knives?

Boker produce hundreds of high quality pocket knives – also called Boker Tactical Knives. From traditional German made trappers to tactical folding knives to modern gentleman’s pocket knives. For example the Boker Plus Urban Trapper Flipper Folding Knife is very much in demand for its size and quality. Famous for their tradition and quality – Boker Knives are renowned world wide for their extraordinary craftsmanship and unmatched variety of materials used in their knife blades and handles. Since1869 Boker recognizes their commitment to design and produce high-quality Boker pocket knives as one of the largest world-wide manufacturer for sport knives, tactical knives, and collector’s knives.

Boker Folding Knives For Sale

Boker tactical folding knives are popular and quite famous for their innovation and attention to detail. Since 1869, Boker pocket knives have been carried by knife enthusiasts the world over. Boker tactical knives are made with quality materials that stand up to the rigorous tasks at hand.