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What is the Strelit Folding Knife from Bestech?

Bestech Strelit Folding KnifeThe Bestech Strelit is a foldable blade that is armed with a hawkbill M390. The handle is made with titanium and black and red carbon fiber inlay. This knife is crafted with top-notch materials, offering a great fit and finish as well as a reliable locking apparatus.

The Strelit from Bestech Knives and its creator Ostap Hel is one of the most captivating and exclusive knives available. It unites the convenience and ease of access of a flipper with the combat and practicality of a push dagger or karambit. The knife opens very quickly on the bearings in the pivot and halts at the halfway spot, readied for use. The circular groove on the knife’s front when closed offers an alternative way to open the blade and can even be used to open it directly from the pocket, similar to the Emerson Wave feature. The CPM-S35VN blade has a hawkbill profile identical to a karambit that is effective for plenty of tasks, such as cracking open boxes or safeguarding yourself. The handle is snug and comfortable.


The Bestech Strelit knife has an awesome and remarkable look. It blends the convenience of a flipper-style manual pocket blade with the battle usefulness of a karambit. It is fitted with ball-bearing pivots that produce a prompt and effortless manipulation. The handle feels secure in your hand and is ideal for a broad range of purposes. Whether you are utilizing this knife for armed forces objectives, opening a package, or wishing to add an outstanding item to your assortment, this is the knife for you!






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Last Updated on December 6, 2022