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Sharpening an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife effectively requires the right tools and technique. Here are the general steps and tips to sharpen an EDC knife:

Choosing a Sharpening Tool

  1. Whetstone: Ideal for a controlled and precise sharpening experience. They come in various grits – use a coarser grit (lower number) for duller knives and a finer grit (higher number) for honing.
  2. Ceramic Rods or Sharpeners: Good for maintaining an edge and minor sharpening.
  3. Diamond Stones: They’re more aggressive than whetstones and excellent for very dull knives.
  4. Knife Sharpening Systems: These systems hold the knife at a consistent angle, which can be helpful for beginners.


  • Clean the Knife: Ensure your knife is clean before sharpening.
  • Safety: Use a non-slip surface under your sharpening tool to prevent accidents.

Sharpening Process

  1. Find the Right Angle: Most EDC knives work well at a 20-degree angle. You can use an angle guide if available.
  2. Start with Coarser Grit: If your knife is blunt, start with a lower grit to shape the edge, then move to a finer grit for finishing.
  3. Sharpening Technique:
    • Hold the knife at the correct angle against the stone.
    • Move the knife across the stone in a sweeping motion, as if trying to shave a thin layer off the top. Do this evenly on both sides of the blade.
    • Apply consistent, moderate pressure but avoid pressing too hard.
  4. Checking Your Progress: Check the sharpness intermittently. You can do this by gently running your thumb (perpendicular to the edge) across the blade. Look for a burr, which is a small lip of metal on the opposite side of the edge you’re sharpening, indicating that the edge has reached the apex of the blade.

Finishing Up

  • Honing: After sharpening, it’s a good practice to hone the blade with a honing rod or finer grit stone. This process straightens the edge and refines it.
  • Cleaning: Wipe the knife clean to remove any metal filings.
  • Test the Sharpness: You can test the sharpness by cutting through a piece of paper.


  • Regularly hone your EDC knife to maintain the edge.
  • Store your knife in a dry place to prevent rust.


  • Learning Curve: Sharpening a knife is a skill that improves with practice. Start with an older knife to practice before moving to your EDC knife.
  • Avoid Pull-Through Sharpeners: They can be convenient but often remove more metal than necessary and may not provide the best edge for your needs.
  • Consistency is Key: Try to maintain a consistent angle and pressure throughout the sharpening process.

Safety Reminder

Always exercise caution when sharpening knives. Work slowly and focus on maintaining control of the blade to prevent accidents.

Remember, the best method can vary based on the specific knife and the user’s skill level. Some prefer the control of a whetstone, while others might find guided sharpening systems more effective and easier to use.


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