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SOG Terminus XR LTE: According to the “Everyday Carry” website, the SOG Terminus XR LTE is listed as the “Best Overall Pocket Knife” in their 2023 buyer’s guide for EDC knives.

CIVIVI Elementum: Also mentioned in the same “Everyday Carry” buyer’s guide as the “Best Pocket Knife on a Budget”.

Buck The 55: Listed as the “Best Traditional Pocket Knife” in the same “Everyday Carry” article.

Benchmade Mini-Barrage 585: According to “OutdoorGearLab,” the Benchmade Mini-Barrage 585 is the “Best Overall Pocket Knife”.

CRKT Pilar III: “Gear Patrol” names the CRKT Pilar III as the “Best Overall” pocket knife.

The James Brand The Carter: Also from “Gear Patrol,” The James Brand The Carter is listed as the “Best Upgrade” pocket knife.

Benchmade Bugout: According to “Gear Patrol,” the Benchmade Bugout is considered the “Best for Hiking and Camping”.

WESN Allman: “Gear Patrol” includes the WESN Allman as the “Best Urban EDC” pocket knife.

Opinel No. 8: “Gear Patrol” lists the Opinel No. 8 as the “Best on a Budget” pocket knife.

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Remember to always adhere to the knife laws and regulations in Canada to ensure you are purchasing and carrying a legal folding knife.

Last Updated on July 31, 2023