• What are Kamikoto Canada knives?

We wondered why the Kamikoto knives are so highly regarded. They are probably in the top 5 of Japanese chef’s knives.

Kamikoto Knives set out to develop a single bevel Japanese steel knife that they would be proud to use and gift to their friends. Japanese knives such as the Kamikoto are a matter of heritage, craft and skill. Kamikoto sought the advice of Japanese blade experts and multi-generational Japanese knife smithing families to create knives that could win the appreciation of the best chefs in the world and knife enthusiasts alike. And they have done exactly that.

Each Kamikoto knife blade pays tribute to the centuries-old craft of knife making, and is handcrafted with precise attention and care, employing traditional skills handed down by expert knife makers through the centuries. Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and sources its steel from select and carefully chosen steel mills on Honshu island. Kamikoto knives are solemn blades made for a lifetime, crafted for chefs and knife enthusiasts. Kamikoto Canada – Kamikoto knives are available in Canada.

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