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What is the Bugout m390 Knife from Benchmade?

Benchmade Bugout m390The Benchmade Bugout m390  features two maroon thumb studs, which stand out against the 535BK-4’s monochrome look. The thumb studs match the maroon barrel standoffs in the handles, which make it different from the back spacer design of the earlier version of the Bugout m390.

The 6061-T6 aluminum handles are the star of this model as they provide full metal construction while keeping the knife as light as possible at 2.5 ounces. The handles have a starburst pattern, which provides a good grip and a stylish new look. Additionally, a reversible pocket clip is included to make the Bugout suitable for everyday carry.

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To me, the Bugout m390 is the ideal EDC knife. I wouldn’t alter a thing about it. It has a 3.24-inch drop-point blade with a swedge on the spine that offers a pointed tip. It’s a plain-edge knife, not serrated. What’s noteworthy is that the blade is made of the highly regarded M390 steel with a matte black finish. It arrived with a very sharp edge.

If you have not previously held or used a Benchmade Bugout m390, it has a lot of features that have made it a widely-used EDC pocket knife. Its 3.24″ blade with a 3″ cutting edge and a drop point shape is based on the original 535 design, and it includes the iconic AXIS lock for convenience, secure closure, and operation from either hand. For the 535BK-4 model, the blade is made from M390 steel that is covered with a DLC finish and is blacked-out, which is a material often used in top-of-the-line knives and provides excellent edge retention.


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Last Updated on December 28, 2022