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What is the Anthem 781 Knife from Benchmade?

Benchmade Anthem 781

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The Benchmark 781 Anthem knife is designed to be a pocket knife for regular use. It is not too big and does not have any intricate parts. The blade has a drop point shape with a rounded edge and it appears to be flat ground, but could also be a shallow hollow grind. It had a sharp, utilitarian edge when it was taken out of the box, so there was no need to sharpen it. In the two weeks it was used, it was effective for everyday cuttings like breaking down boxes, cutting food, and other mundane tasks.

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A typical 781 Anthem model from Benchmade has a bronze titanium handle and a blade with a satin finish, crafted from top-notch CPM-20CV stainless steel. It’s their first single-piece titanium AXIS lock knife. This integral titanium handle offers a firm grip in hand with a chevron-patterned texture for a better grip. CPM-20CV stainless steel gives the knife a very durable blade, allowing it to retain its sharpness for a long time. With a reversible titanium pocket clip, it can be carried on either the left or right. Get your hands on this everyday carry with the Benchmade Anthem.

The Benchmark 781 Anthem knife typical features:

      • A handle designed with one piece of titanium to provide superior strength.
      • Dual thumb studs, a reversible pocket clip, and an AXIS® lock mechanism for full ambidexterity.
      • CPM-20CV blade steel brings strength, sharpness retention, and anti-corrosion capabilities.

Benchmade made an excellent decision when they picked 20CV for the The Benchmark 781 Anthem knife. It’s known for being both hardy and resistant to rust, with a hardness of approximately 62HRC. I can’t verify that my knife meets that standard, but it has been working wonderfully and I’ve been able to sharpen it on a strop without any difficulty. 20CV is nearly indistinguishable from M390, which I’m particularly fond of, and I’m really pleased with its performance here.

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Last Updated on January 30, 2023