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What is the JX6 Knife from Bark River?

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Bark River JX6 Reviews

The blade of the Bark River JX6 is the same in terms of its cutting curve according to the Tanner style but is sharpened more to increase the efficiency of the smaller blade. The design of the handle gives a firm grip irrespective of how it is held while being used for any kind of work. The full convex grind is my personal favourite, after trying it on various bushcraft tasks and seeing that it outperforms other grinds.

The shape of the handle of the Bark River JX6 has a minor palm swell so that it is not necessary to look at it for it to stay in the right position in your hand. This knife is also suitable for use in the abdominal cavity of larger game animals. My experience with micarta is that it becomes sticky when wet, thus making the handle less slippery.

The Bark River JX6  blade is of a good thickness – not too thick, but thin enough to work as a skinner and slicer. I would personally opt for something a bit thinner, but that’s just my personal preference. I don’t think there will be any issues if the edge experiences a lot of twisting pressure.
This knife has a great cut and stays sharp, with minimal effort. It is produced with a good heat treatment and is well made.

The Bark River JX6 Companion fixed blade knife, a pared-down version of the JX4 Bushbat, still preserves many of the original characteristics. Its clip point blade provides superb accuracy and accuracy close to the knife’s centre line. The ergonomic canvas micarta scales are designed to keep the fingers away from the cutting edge, while providing a cozy and comfortable grip. Also, the hand-made leather neck sheath fastens the blade with the assistance of powerful rare earth magnets, generating a neat and cozy look.

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Last Updated on December 29, 2022