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Benchmade knives, as a brand, are not specifically prohibited in Canada.

The legality of carrying a knife in Canada, including Benchmade knives, depends more on the type of knife and its intended use rather than the brand itself. Folding knives, which are commonly produced by Benchmade, are generally legal for everyday tasks like opening boxes or cutting rope. Fixed-blade knives are also legal but are considered weapons and must be carried openly in a sheath on your belt, not concealed​​.

However, there are specific types of knives that are illegal in Canada, regardless of the brand. These include automatic knives (switchblades), centrifugal and gravity knives, butterfly knives, and any knives with concealed blades, among others. The law is more concerned with the functionality and potential for concealment of the knife rather than its blade length or the brand​​.

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When crossing into Canada from the U.S., it is essential to ensure that the knives you’re carrying are legal in Canada. You should avoid carrying prohibited types such as switchblades, butterfly knives, gravity knives, and others. If you’re carrying knives for specific purposes like hunting, fishing, or camping, ensure they are well-packed and you can demonstrate a valid reason for having them. It’s also advisable to declare any knives you’re unsure about to Canadian border agents to avoid any legal issues​​.

While Benchmade knives are not specifically banned in Canada, the legality of carrying a knife in Canada depends on the type of knife and the context in which it is used or carried. Always ensure you’re familiar with Canadian knife laws to avoid inadvertently breaking the law.




Last Updated on February 5, 2024