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Grimsmo Knives are high-quality, precision-made knives with exceptional craftsmanship, which leads to a higher price point.


Why are Grimsmo Knives so expensive?

Grimsmo knives are considered expensive for a few reasons.  People often pay a premium for these knives because they are seen as safe queens or collector’s items. Additionally, Grimsmo knives are produced in Canada, and when they are sold outside the country, they may be subject to markups and import fees, further increasing the price. For example, the Grimsmo Rask knife is priced around $700, which is considered expensive by many knife enthusiasts.

Some people believe that the high price of Grimsmo knives is a deal-breaker, as they do not feel that the additional cost is justified. However, others appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of these knives and are willing to pay the premium for them.


Who is Grimsmo Knives?

Grimsmo Knives is a brand of custom knives created by John Grimsmo. John Grimsmo started making knives on his self taught CNC machine in his garage in 2008. With encouragement from his family he dedicated one day a week to making knives and documenting the process on YouTube, calling this series “Knife Making Tuesday”. The knives produced by Grimsmo Knives include The Norseman and The Rask and are known for their high quality and precision.


The Rask Folder from Grimsmo Knives

The Rask knife from Grimsmo Knives is known for its high price point. According to various online sources, the Rask is priced at around $750 to $900 depending on the version and availability. The knife’s high price is due to various factors, including the cost of materials, the manufacturing process, and the knife’s reputation as a collector’s item.

Grimsmo Knives Rask Details

One possible reason for the high price of the Rask is the quality of its materials. The knife features premium materials such as titanium and S35VN steel, which can be expensive to source and work with. Additionally, the knife’s unique design and attention to detail during manufacturing may also contribute to its high cost.

Another factor that may contribute to the high cost of the Rask is its reputation as a collector’s item. According to a post on Reddit, the Rask is considered a “safe queen” by many collectors, meaning that it is kept in pristine condition and not used for everyday tasks. The knife’s limited availability and high demand may also drive up its secondary market price, which is reported to be around $1400 or higher.

The Rask from Grimsmo Knives is considered an expensive knife due to the quality of its materials, the unique manufacturing process, and its reputation as a collector’s item.

While the knife may not be worth the high price for everyone, it is highly valued by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate its design and craftsmanship.

The Norseman from Grimsmo Knives

The Grimsmo Norseman is a high-end folding knife that is sought after by many collectors and enthusiasts, with a price tag that ranges from $940 to $1200. The Norseman is known for its engineering precision, high tolerances, and collectibility. It is considered a “grail knife” by many collectors.

The intricate milling, thoughtful design, and practicality of the Rask, another Grimsmo knife, make it a more desirable option for some collectors over the Norseman, which has a more basic flipper design and no lockbar insert. However, the Norseman’s high price tag can be attributed to the knife’s popularity among collectors and the precision engineering required to make it.

Grimsmo Norseman Details

The Grimsmo Norseman’s high price tag is due to its precision engineering and collectibility among knife enthusiasts and collectors.




Last Updated on April 11, 2023