What is an URBAN EDC F5.5 Knife?

The Urban EDC f5.5 tactical folding knife was releases in the spring of 2022. The EDC f5.5 is based on the very desired custom Vox F5 and offers a middle ground between minimalistic and maximizing the knife’s functionality. The EDC f5.5 is smaller and a bit more compact than the F5. The M390 blade is 2.7″ and does retain the Vox shape of a sheepsfoot. The thickness of the blade is 4mm – this gives the f5.5 extraordinary strength and more importantly – stability.

You will find this EDC to be able to handle all sorts of jobs from piercing, chopping and many other heavy duty tasks that other knives might not be able to tackle. Coming from Jesper Voxnaes you expect top quality and very tight tolerances. The Urban EDC f5.5 is classified as a sailor’s knife and is very much sought after. The f5.5 features a thumb hole for quick deployment of the blade. The pocket clip is made from high grade titanium, as are the screws holding the EDC together.

There are many variations of the EDC f5.5, some of the more popular variants are the Micarta390, Bronze Elmax Limited Edition and the Carbon Fiber ELMAX.

URBAN EDC F5.5 For Sale


Urban EDC f5.5 For Sale