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What is the Strider SNG Folder from Mick Strider Knives?

Strider SNG is a folding knife designed and produced by the American knife manufacturer, Hinderer Knives.


The Strider SNG stands for “Strider SnG,” where “SnG” is short for “Survival and Guns.”

The Strider SNG folder is a popular folding knife among knife enthusiasts and collectors due to its high-quality materials and construction, as well as its functional and ergonomic design. The knife features a blade made from premium quality steel, such as CPM-S35VN, which is known for its edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is made from high-quality materials like titanium and G10, which are durable and provide a good grip.

The 8-inch Strider SNG knife has a very small blade length as compared to its size. We will analyze this aspect of the design in the field test. The two studs on the blade are actually blade stops instead of thumb studs, and the large oval cutout in the blade allows it to be opened with either a flick or a slow roll. On the spine of the blade are four jimping notches which offer a better grip in saber grip. At the top of the blade is a swedge cut to enhance piercing power while keeping the tip thickly ground to guarantee strength and prying capabilities.

The Strider SNG comes in different blade shapes and finishes, including tanto, drop point, and spear point, and with different handle colors and patterns. It also features a secure frame lock and a reversible pocket clip for convenient and comfortable carry. Overall, the Strider SNG is a well-regarded knife that is designed to handle tough tasks and provide a reliable cutting tool for everyday use.


Strider SNG Reviews

The Strider SnG knife has received various reviews that highlight its unique features, design elements, and performance aspects, with some points of criticism as well.

From an ergonomic perspective, the SnG is noted for its good size and ability to accommodate a variety of grips, making it suitable for both tactical and everyday use. The knife is equipped with extensive jimping on the spine and pommel for a secure hold in different grip positions, though this feature may become uncomfortable under hard cutting without gloves​​.

The knife’s lock geometry is distinctive, with a lock bar angled to ensure minimal contact at the interface, which may lead to lock stick issues when the knife is new. Over time, this wear could potentially result in a more complete lockup, but it also raises concerns about lock rock and blade play due to material choices and wear from use​​.

In terms of carry, the SnG CC (Concealed Carry) version is praised for its thin profile and lightweight design, making it unobtrusive in pocket carry, which is particularly appreciated in professional settings. The knife’s design, despite its unconventional appearance, is surprisingly comfortable in hand, offering a secure grip even with its smooth G10 and titanium sides​​.

Overall, the Strider SnG is viewed as a high-end, iconic folding knife with a mix of tactical and luxury appeal, akin to other collectible knives in its category. While it may not offer functional superiority over more affordable options in terms of cutting performance or lock strength, its unique design, materials, and American manufacturing contribute to its desirability as a luxury item for enthusiasts and collectors​​.


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Strider Knives is a private, exclusively owned and managed firm that is focused on the development and manufacture of knives meant to last in the most extreme circumstances. The firm was established and is currently run by ex-military personnel. Their original mission was to provide a knife for field service that is made of the highest quality materials but still affordable to the average serviceman and something he could maintain himself. After achieving that goal, Strider Knives discovered a ready market for custom-designed weapons and tools that had the same standards of component quality as the first field knives. A lot of the knives they offer are based on their customers’ particular design specifications. Others are purely the result of the company’s knack for looking at a work area and creating a prototype to be tested and scrutinized by the people who use it. The Strider Knives founders’ background in the military allows the company to comprehend the requirements in multiple sectors.

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