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What is the Lionspy Knife from Spyderco?

Spyderco Lionspy KnifeThe Spyderco LionSpy Pocket Knife has a two-piece handle that is comprised of a black G-10 scale and a scale made out of 6AL-4V titanium. The titanium scale is machined with a degree of accuracy to host the sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) mechanism. The handle of the LionSpy knife has been machined with grooves that run along its length, which provides a better grip and texture. Additionally, the handle is contoured for a more comfortable grip and is equipped with a pocket clip for easy tip-up carrying. This two-piece construction, combined with the open-backed design, makes the knife lighter and easier to clean. To reduce lock wear, the R.I.L. mechanism has been designed with a steel insert that interfaces with the blade’s ramp. This matches the hardness of the two parts and increases the strength and longevity of the knife.

The Spyderco LionSpy is a product from LionSteel, which is made in the company’s own factory in Maniago, Italy. It is based on the SR-1 design of LionSteel, which is known to be their most acclaimed creation. However, there are some drastic changes made in the construction, material and the addition of Spyderco’s thumb hole. To gain a better understanding and to assess its usability, let us take a closer look and compare it to the SR-1.

The LionSpy has a remarkable shape to its blade. It has quite a small drop point, the point being at a high place and the blade being wider than usual. It is cut from a 4.5mm thick material at the spine and is sharpened high up, partially through the thumbhole. This design gives it excellent slicing capabilities for its thickness and also provides a lot of strength that can handle tough tasks. The blade is made from Bohler-Uddeholm Elmax, an advanced steel that is resistant to corrosion and retains its edge for a long time.

The craftsmanship of the LionSpy pocket knife by Spyderco is remarkable, with a flawless fit and finish. The gulf between the titanium and G10 scales is incredibly smooth, the blade grinding is symmetrical, the blade is centered perfectly, the handle contouring is even, and the finish on the blade is a uniform satin. The attention to detail is evident when you hold the LionSpy in your hand.

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What is the Lionspy Knife from Spyderco? | Spyderco Lionspy

Last Updated on December 6, 2022