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What is the Amalgam Knife from Spyderco?

Spyderco Amalgam

The Spyderco Amalgam Folder has been especially crafted as a practical and multi-purpose knife. It has the benefits of the Compression Lock mechanism of Spyderco, the fully accessible Trademark Round Hole, and a flipper opener, all in a single product. It was designed by Brian Lai, a Mechanical Engineering student and knife enthusiast. The broad, drop-point blade of the Amalgam is made from American CPM S30V stainless steel, providing an outstanding edge geometry and a polished satin finish. Furthermore, it is equipped with low-friction ball-bearing washers that give it a highly smooth action and facilitate quick and easy one-handed opening, either with the index-finger flipper or the Round Hole. When open, the flipper also works as an effective lower guard.

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The handle of the Amalgam is designed with stainless steel liners enclosed in a carbon fibre and G-10 laminate finish. This ensures that the handle is slim and easy to carry in your pocket, while its open-backed construction reduces the overall weight of the knife and enhances its equilibrium. A four-position clip and a reinforced lanyard hole enables easy carrying, and the Amalgam can be swiftly and securely operated with either hand.

The Spyderco Amalgam pocket knife  can be opened by flicking it with the middle finger or the thumb through the generous spyderhole. The action is made easy by the presence of ball bearings in the pivot, and the weight is evenly distributed. When opened, the flipper is partly concealed in the lower quillon, and the blade cannot close onto your fingers. There is no play and it has a very solid and tactical feel due to the bowie blade that Geoffrey has developed from the massive utility drop point blade.


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Last Updated on December 29, 2022