What are Randall Made Knives?

Late in the year 1930 Bo Randall designed and hand made his first knife. Not much later, around when WW2 began, Randall Made Knives were pretty well known as the best hand-made knives in the world. Almost seventy years later, that incredible status has not really diminished. Today’s knife community recognizes that Randal knives as some of the best. And are much sought after. Here’s one of the most desired Randall Knives:

The Randall Knives Model 15 – Airman

randall knives model 15 airman

The Randall Model 15 airman includes a superior leather sheath with a stone pouch on the front. Click here for a current inventory of the Randall Model 15-Airman.

Since WW2 this knife was created for air personnel survival and combat use. The Randall Model 15 Airman knife features a 51/2″ O1 non stainless blade. The finger grip is Black Micarta. The 15 Measures 10 inches tip to butt – and weighs 10.0 ounces. All Randall Made Knives are made by hand in the USA.

The Randall Model 15 Airman was primarily created to meet the high demand for an almost in-destructible all purpose survival knife. Designed in cooperation with U.S. Marine Corps Equipment Board.

Current Randall Model 15 Airman knives for sale at eBay:


Randall Model 15 Airman knives for sale