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What is the Borka SBK Fixed Blade from Microtech?

The Microtech Borka SBK is a fixed blade knife that has gained popularity for its durability and legality in all areas where knives are allowed. The Borka SBK is a custom knife collaboration between Marfione and Borka Blades.


About the Microtech Borka SBK

It comes in different variations with various designs, materials, and finishes, such as black G-10, carbon fiber, and tan PVD. The Microtech Borka SBK features a trailing point blade. According to one review, fixed blades like the Microtech Borka SBK are super strong, making them a preferred choice among many knife enthusiasts.

Overall, the Microtech Borka SBK is a fixed blade knife that provides durability and legality for various purposes, including outdoor activities and self-defense. However, availability may be limited, and interested buyers may need to wait for restocking or consider other similar options.

Fixed blade knives offer various benefits, including being legal in all areas where knives are allowed. They are known for their strength and durability.

Microtech and Sebastijan Berengi of Borka Blades have collaborated to create the SBK, which is a high-quality tactical fixed blade knife. This knife is a result of the impressive combination of talents of both companies, and it has proven to be reliable in the field. The knife is crafted with top-notch materials and comes in various colors and finishes. Previously, the SBK was only available as a custom knife, but now Microtech is excited to bring it to production as Sebastijan’s designs have become an integral part of their brand and team. The knife features an upswept blade with elegant styling, a finger guard, and jimping on the thumb ramp, index finger area, and butt end, ensuring safe handling. The carbon fiber scales are contoured to provide an ergonomic grip, creating a perfect balance between user and the knife.

Overall, the Microtech Borka SBK is a collectible piece that is both functional and stylish.


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Last Updated on March 22, 2023