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What is the Micro Praetorian From Greg Medford?

Micro Praetorian

Micro Praetorian – MORE INFO

The Medford Micro Praetorian knife is a high-quality folding knife with a sturdy construction and reliable performance. It features a D2 tool steel blade with a drop point design, which is highly durable and can handle a variety of cutting tasks with ease.

Despite its smaller size, the Medford Knives Micro Praetorian Ti is just as powerful as its larger counterparts. It weighs only 2/3 of the standard Praetorian Ti but has the same blade and scale thickness. This everyday carry knife can be easily carried in smaller pockets and still offers a strong grip. The Micro Praetorian Ti is a great option for those who want a smaller version of the Praetorian Ti or are looking for a chunky folder. It is a recognizable form factor for fans of Medford Knife and Tool.

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The blade of the Micro Praetorian is also quite sharp out of the box and holds its edge well, making it a great choice for everyday carry or outdoor activities. The handle is made from titanium, which is both lightweight and strong, and has a comfortable grip that feels secure in the hand. The knife also has a solid frame lock mechanism that ensures the blade stays securely in place when open, and a smooth pivot system that allows for easy one-handed opening and closing. The overall design of the knife is sleek and modern, with a black and silver colour scheme that looks great and is sure to catch the eye.

Medford Micro Praetorian Reviews

I recently purchased the Medford Micro Praetorian knife and have been very impressed with its quality and performance. The knife feels solid and well-built in the hand, with a sturdy titanium handle that provides a comfortable grip. The blade is razor sharp and can handle a variety of tasks with ease, from cutting through cardboard to slicing through rope. I also appreciate the smooth opening and closing action of the knife, which makes it easy to use one-handed. Overall, I would highly recommend the Medford Micro Praetorian to anyone in need of a reliable and well-crafted folding knife.

As a collector of high-end knives, I have to say that the Medford Micro Praetorian is one of the best I’ve seen in its class. The knife is built like a tank, with a titanium handle and a D2 tool steel blade that can handle just about anything you throw at it. The attention to detail in the design is also impressive, with smooth lines and a sleek black and silver color scheme that looks great in any setting. While the knife is a bit heavy for everyday carry, it’s still a great choice for outdoor activities or as a backup in a survival kit. Overall, I would highly recommend the Medford Micro Praetorian to anyone looking for a top-quality folding knife that won’t let them down.

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Medford Micro Praetorian Reviews | What is the Micro Praetorian From Greg Medford?


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