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What is the T6B Fixed Blade Knife from LionSteel Canada?

The Lionsteel T6B knife is the newest addition to the fixed blade family and falls in size between the M7 and T5 models.

The T6B knife is available and legal in Canada.


About the Lionsteel T6B Fixed Blade Knife

The LionSteel T6B Canada is a versatile knife suitable for both tactical and camping situations, making it a perfect companion for outdoor activities. The blade is made of strong CPM 3V steel and the handle is crafted from a Canvas micarta block with a SOLID grip design for a secure hold. The T6’s design, created by Molletta, features an aggressive profile, making it a reliable and easy-to-use tactical tool. It comes with a Kydex holster with a reversible Cordura structure and M.o.l.l.e. system for convenient carrying. The T6 is available with either a satin-finished or “Old Black” treated blade.

The LionSteel T6B is a fixed blade hunting knife with a blade made of K490 semi-stainless steel and a handle made of either natural or black micarta. The knife is manufactured in Italy and comes with a price around $525 CAD depending on the blade and handle material. The knife is available in both satin and black finishes, and the blade length is 6 inches. The LionSteel T6B is perfect knife for the Canadian wilderness!

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Lionsteel T6B Reviews

If you require a powerful tool, then the LionSteel T6B is what you need. Personally, I have used it for various tasks such as cutting 4-inch branches, pruning trees, creating feather sticks, and batoning. Despite hitting hard wood, the blade edge remains undamaged, and it still passes the paper test even after hours of use. A single strike to the cross grain end of a 4-inch log splits it 8 inches down. This knife is now my preferred choice for outdoor activities, and although it’s expensive, it’s definitely worth the investment.

The T6 is described as a survival tool and a valuable Canadian camp knife. The knife features a micarta handle, a ferro scraper on the butt, and a Kydex sheath. Reviewers have praised the craftsmanship of the T6, its balance, and its suitability for Canadian outdoor activities such as wood processing, fire making, and chopping tasks.

In Canada, the LionSteel T6 has been compared to other knives in LionSteel’s fixed blade family, such as the M7 and the T5, and has been described as the best knife in any tactical and camp situation. While the knife is described as pricey, it is considered to be a valuable tool and an excellent camp knife for your Canadian wilderness adventures.


Overall, the LionSteel T6 has received positive reviews for its quality craftsmanship, balance, and suitability for all Canadian outdoor activities.

Last Updated on April 11, 2023