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What is the Reverie Front Flipper Knife from Kansept?

The Kansept Reverie, designed by Justin, is a great EDC pocket knife, combining modern and classic elements in its sleek design. It has a front flipper opening mechanism which can be used easily with the grip serrations on the protrusion. The Kansept Reverie is small and lightweight, which makes it ideal for everyday carry.

Justin’s Kansept Reverie is a great representation of where his design aesthetic lies. The lines of the Reverie have a classic feel, but it also includes some modern touches such as the symmetrical out the front flipper tab, bolster lock, five-slot pattern, and the materials used. This is the first time Justin has used a bolster lock and hidden lanyard pin. The bolster lock not only looks attractive but also works as a stop mechanism to prevent overextending the lock bar. The hidden pin allows users to attach a lanyard if they choose to, while those who don’t like lanyards don’t have to see a large hole.

The Kansept Reverie knife was designed to be a stylish, functioning flipper knife. It features high-quality materials, a smooth operation and precise measurements that show its exceptional quality. This pocket knife is a special piece that offers something distinctive and is entirely usable while being aesthetically appealing.

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