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What is the Bulldozer Flipper from Kansept?

The Kansept Bulldozer is a sleekly designed folding knife with an ergonomically designed handle for daily use. The Bulldozer is available in both economical and high-end models that make it an ideal companion for everyday carry. Its titanium handle provides a soft grip surface that provides comfortable handling, while its CPM-20CV blade steel offers a tough blade that can retain its edge.

A well-crafted large knife like the The Kansept Bulldozer is has the potential to handle any cutting task. It is designed with a stylish and sophisticated look and is made using advanced materials like titanium and CPM 20CV stainless steel that can make any other knife envious. There are two kinds of flipper knives: the classic back flipper and the popular front flipper. Both of them provide the user with the capability of single-handed operation and offer an excellent fidgeting experience.

A modern knife, the Kansept BULLDOZER is intended to serve future needs. Its styling is based on the Bulldozer Earth mover, featuring a sleek and angular titanium handle. This model has a reverse Sheep’s foot blade design, which is sure to be eye-catching, and runs on ceramic bearings for quick opening. This knife is perfect for daily use and is also an effective tactical cutting tool.

Kim Ning’s Kansept Bulldozer is a powerful knife that is perfect for everyday carry. Its 3.56″ CPM-20CV reverse tanto blade has a lot of cutting surface and a very sharp point. It is available in multiple blade steels and handle colours/materials so there is a version for everyone. It is lightweight and slim and is equipped with a nearly deep-carry pocket clip (tip up, right carry). The titanium scales and timascus hardware give the knife a very classy look. The ceramic bearings in the pivot make the front flipper very smooth and the frame lock securely holds the blade in place and easily disengages for a smooth, drop-shut action.

Kansept Bulldozer EDC Knives for Sale

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The 3D milled titanium pocket clip is robust and firmly holds the knife in place. The name “Kansept” is a reinterpretation of the word “Concept”, signifying that their knives are crafted with the idea of continually innovating and evolving with the times, much like UFOs that can traverse the universe and leap into the future.




Last Updated on January 9, 2023