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What is the Kwaichete Sword from Jake Hoback?

The Jake Hoback Kwaichete sword flaunts a resilient tanto blade made from 154CM steel. This kwaiback-style short sword presents a very grippy SureTouch handle and a swift deploying kydex sheath.

Jake Hoback Kwaichete

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Who won’t enjoy flaunting a short sword? They’re superb, plus it’s much more convenient to have one in your man purse than a full-sized Waki! All jokes apart, Jake had wanted to accomplish this for a very long time – a Kwaiback-style short sword. The Jake Hoback Kwaichete.

He didn’t want to craft a really hefty, unusable thing…he sought to create a tool that could really be used. With 154CM stainless steel guaranteeing great edge retention, a sure-grip SureTouch handle, and a quickly-deploying Kydex sheath, it’s a fantastic all-round bundle. So whether you showcase the Jake Hoback Kwaichete on your wall or secure this terrific blade to your backpack for your next camping trip, you’ll be the most competent swordsman in the family!

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Prior to dedicating himself to knife making and becoming a renowned figure in the field, Jake Hoback had a wide range of jobs and experiences. He was a fish and wildlife scientific technician, a machinist at a turbine engine firm, and built 4x4s for rock-crawling. In 1990, Jake began making knives in his back yard, shaping them with a framing hammer and fence post nails. In 2003, he sold his maiden knife and in 2009 began crafting blades full-time from his workshop in northern Idaho.




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Last Updated on February 3, 2023