What is the Hinderer ZT 0551 Folder?

hinderer-zero-tolerance-0550We will take a look at a rare folder from the well-known knife maker Rick Hinderer. The Hinderer ZT0551 is a folder that was designed in collaboration with ZT knives. Hence the name Hinderer Zero Tolerance ZT 0551. As with most Hinderer knives the Zero Tolerance 0551 is very popular with law enforcement and the military. And civilians as well needing a folding knife that can handle any cutting tasks that might come up and you need an EDC knife. The ZT0551 is compromised in quality and its durability is designed for extreme use.

As the Zero Tolerance is a benchmark for their high quality they have become desired in the knife community. The Hinderer and ZT collaboration combine top quality, premium materials with good old fashion USA craftsmanship in building the 0551.

Hinderer Zero Tolerance ZT 0551 For Sale

It should be noted that there is also a Hinderer Zero Tolerance ZT0550 which is the regular production model. The ZT0551 is a special edition of the ZT0550 and quite rare.

Hinderer Zero Tolerance ZT 0550 For Sale

Hinderer custom knives are very rare and hard to find which makes the ZT0551 attractive at a price-point a collector can afford.


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