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What is the Hinderer ZT 0551 Folder?

The Zero Tolerance ZT 0551, a special collaboration between ZT and Rick Hinderer, is a knife that has garnered attention for its robust design and high-quality construction.

The ZT 0551 features a blade length of 3.5 inches, a closed length of 4.5 inches, and weighs 5.8 ounces. The knife is designed for hard use, with every aspect being overbuilt. The blade is a modified drop point made from thick stock, featuring a high flat grind and made from CPM S35VN steel, which is known for its durability, ease of sharpening, and resistance to corrosion. The handle is made from a combination of G10, stainless steel, and titanium, with a solid slab of titanium on the locking side incorporating Hinderer’s famous “Lockbar Stabilizer” to prevent over-extension of the frame lock​​.

Hinderer custom knives are very rare and hard to find which makes the ZT0551 attractive at a price-point a collector can afford.

Hinderer ZT 0551 review

The Zero Tolerance ZT 0551, a collaboration between Rick Hinderer and Zero Tolerance, is highly regarded for its robust construction and quality materials. It features a 3.5-inch blade made from premium steel, a closed length of 4.5 inches, and weighs 5.8 ounces, making it a substantial tool designed for hard use. The knife incorporates Hinderer’s notable “Lockbar Stabilizer,” a feature that prevents over-extension of the titanium frame lock, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding situations​​.

Despite its many strengths, some users have reported issues with the detent system of the ZT 0551, noting it to be overly strong and thus making the knife challenging to open. Various remedies have been attempted by users, including lubrication and manual wear-in through repeated opening and closing, to mitigate the strong detent and improve usability. These steps have been reported to significantly improve the opening smoothness over time, although results may vary from one knife to another​​.

The ZT 0551 stands out for its design philosophy, mirroring that of Hinderer’s own custom knives, focusing on over-engineered robustness and high functionality. While some may draw comparisons between the ZT 0551 and Hinderer’s custom XM series, it’s essential to recognize the distinct qualities and value propositions of each. The ZT 0551 offers a more accessible price point and availability compared to the highly sought-after and often more expensive Hinderer customs, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a hard-use knife with high design and construction standards​​.

Some users have reported issues with the detent, describing it as overly strong and making the knife harder to open than desired. Techniques such as lubricating the friction points, adjusting the tension of the pivot screw, and repeatedly opening and closing the knife to accelerate wear have been suggested as potential solutions. Over time, normal use should naturally wear in the detent ball, creating a smoother opening experience. Despite these challenges, the ZT 0550 is appreciated for its over-engineered design, akin to the philosophy behind Hinderer’s own custom knives​​.

The ZT 0551 is limited to 1000 pieces and is distinct from the regular 0550 model in its steel type and the special pattern on the G10 handle scale. Fans of heavier, hard-use knives who appreciate high-quality materials and craftsmanship may find the ZT 0551 to be a valuable addition to their collection. Despite its weight, which may be a drawback for some, the knife’s design and construction reflect a commitment to durability and performance​​.

As with most Hinderer knives the Zero Tolerance 0551 is very popular with law enforcement and the military. And civilians as well needing a folding knife that can handle any cutting tasks that might come up and you need an EDC knife. The ZT0551 is compromised in quality and its durability is designed for extreme use.

As the Zero Tolerance is a benchmark for their high quality they have become desired in the knife community. The Hinderer and ZT collaboration combine top quality, premium materials with good old fashion USA craftsmanship in building the 0551.

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It should be noted that there is also a Hinderer Zero Tolerance ZT0550 which is the regular production model. The ZT0551 is a special edition of the ZT0550 and quite rare.



Last Updated on February 6, 2024