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What is the Slippy Slipjoint Pocket Knife from Hinderer?

The Hinderer XM Slippy pocketknife is a slip joint version of Rick Hinderer’s popular XM-18 series.



About the Hinderer XM Slippy

The Hinderer XM Slippy pocketknife has a unique thumb disc that can be re-positioned along the first half of the blade. This pocketknife is a departure from the typical Hinderer framelock folder and offers customization in how the knife opens.

The XM Slippy has a slimmed-down design for everyday carry comfort and is equipped with G-10 scales with titanium liners and a stainless steel backspacer. It has an overall length of 7 inches, a 3-inch blade, and weighs 3.71 ounces, making it a great size for urban or suburban daily carry. Its dimensions are similar to the XM-18 3-inch version but is slightly thinner, .4 ounces heavier, and $150 cheaper.

Overall, the Hinderer XM Slippy pocketknife is a versatile and customizable option for those in need of an everyday carry knife. It is made in the USA and offers high-quality materials and design, consistent with the Hinderer brand.

Hinderer XM Slippy Reviews

The Hinderer XM Slippy pocket knife has received positive reviews from reviewers.

The knife is designed to be universally EDC legal, and the thumb disc can easily be removed for two-handed opening if required.

In one review, the XM Slippy was compared to the XM-18 3-inch version, noting that it had similar dimensions but was slightly thinner and .4 ounces heavier. The reviewer also mentioned that borrowing from the XM-18 3-inch version was a smart move in the design of the XM Slippy.

Another reviewer noted that the XM-Slippy shown in their review was a first-run knife, but there were no visible changes when compared to the second run. The review also mentioned the knife’s EDC-friendly design and its ability to be customized for two-handed opening if required.

A video review of the XM Slippy on YouTube highlights the knife’s features and gives a demonstration of how it can be used. The reviewer provides a link to several shops where the knife can be purchased.

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Overall, the Hinderer XM Slippy appears to be a well-designed and well-received pocket knife, with positive reviews highlighting its everyday carry capabilities and customizable features.



Last Updated on April 7, 2023