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What is a Giantmouse Ace Grand?

The Giantmouse Ace Grand is a rare and collectible knife designed by two guys Ansø and Vox from Denmark. Their knives are always run in a limited number (400) and then discontinued. This makes all Giantmouse knives a desired knife for collectors. They do the design and work closely with a top rated manufacturer in Italy to ensure top quality. Giantmouse knives sell out quickly when dropped – which makes it difficult to acquire one. The Giantmouse Grand is one of the more desired knife from their collection, it is their EDC friendly version of the popular GM5. The Giantmouse Grand has a very cool design and is called the ultimate Giantmouse folder to date.


Giantmouse Grand for sale

The Giantmouse Ace Grand knife features nested steel liners and a single-piece back spacer. The scales are sculpted to give the knife a desired grippy surface and be comfortable in your hand. A reversible wire clip will keep the knife securely in your pocket – while easy to get to when you need it.


Giantmouse Ace Grand for Sale | Giantmouse Knives Ace Grand

Last Updated on September 20, 2022