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What is the TK5 Hunter Knife from Fallkniven?

Fallkniven TK5 is a popular hunting knife model from the Swedish knife manufacturer Fallkniven Knives. It is a high-quality and durable knife that is designed for hunting and outdoor activities. The knife features a laminated 3G steel blade and an ergonomic handle made of ironwood or wood that provides a comfortable and secure grip.

The TK5 Lux Hunter is an ideal knife for experienced hunters who appreciate a well-designed tool for clearing game. While the knife does not need to be large, it should be shaped appropriately to avoid cutting through membranes and guts. The droppoint-blade is the right design for this purpose, provided the user knows how to make the cut correctly. This three-finger knife is best used by placing the endbutt into the palm and the fingers over the blade. Although it is not meant for woodcarving, the TK5 is an excellent hunting knife that many people prefer due to its slightly shorter size. The wood handle is low-maintenance and only requires occasional furniture cream to keep it in good condition.

The Fallkniven TK5 Hunter is a compact knife with a total length of 6.9″ (175 mm), a blade length of 3.15″ (80 mm), and a blade thickness of 0.18″ (4,5 mm). It weighs 160 g (5.6 oz) and has a drop point blade with a satin finish. The knife also features a stainless guard, full tang construction, and a lanyard hole for easy carrying. The handle is made of ironwood or wood and has an inlay shield. The TK5 comes with a black leather belt sheath for easy and safe storage.

Fallkniven TK5 Reviews

It appears that the Fallkniven TK5 Hunter is a well-regarded knife among outdoor enthusiasts.

One review notes that the TK5 is a high-quality knife that deserves its Tre Kronor name. The review also mentions that each TK knife has a two-year guarantee for material and manufacturing defects, offering added reassurance to potential buyers.

Another review from a forum post recommends the TH1 and TH2 models as nice options with more blade length at less weight compared to the TK5. However, the post also mentions the KKLz as an even lighter and excellent choice for an EDC knife that can handle various tasks.

Finally, another review mentions the Tre Kronor Hunter model with a cocobolo handle and satin finished drop point blade. The review notes that the knife is designed for hunting, camping, and general outdoor cutting tasks and features a 3G laminate steel blade in a satin finish.

Overall, while there are only a few reviews available specifically for the TK5 model, the Fallkniven brand as a whole is well-regarded among outdoor enthusiasts. The TK5 is generally regarded as a high-quality and durable knife that is designed for hunting and outdoor activities. Its compact size, laminated 3G steel blade, and ergonomic handle made of ironwood or wood are all features that are commonly praised. Additionally, the two-year guarantee for material and manufacturing defects provides added peace of mind to potential buyers.

Fallkniven TK5 Listed on eBay

While the prices of the Fallkniven TK5 Hunter may vary, the knife is generally regarded as a high-end and expensive option. For instance, one price listed is $514.99. The knife is made in Sweden and is often considered as a premium product for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

Overall, Fallkniven TK5 is a well-regarded and high-quality hunting knife that is designed for durability and performance. It is a compact and sturdy knife that can handle various outdoor tasks, making it a popular choice among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Fallkniven Tre Kronor, a range of knives originating from Sweden, combines advanced technology with classic Swedish design. After a long period of development, Fallkniven became the first company to offer a laminated knife blade made from 3G steel and sintered steel, which is an innovation in the industry. Furthermore, an anti-corrosive steel has been added to the blade which strengthens it and keeps it sharp for a long time. This makes it an excellent choice for experienced hunters who require a well-shaped blade that can handle a variety of cutting tasks. The drop point-blade design is perfect for not damaging the meat. While it was primarily designed for hunting, the TK5 is versatile enough to handle various cutting tasks. Additionally, the TK5’s slightly shorter length makes it a popular all-round knife.

Last Updated on March 18, 2023